Sabai = Grass that grows in abundance , in the districts of West Bengal , India.

The Sabai Grass is know for : Smoothness and Strength.

Wide range of products are woven from this grass  , and it is all very eco- friendly and made from vegetable dyes and colors , that makes it non – toxic ; thereby strengthening the foundations of a green economy and promoting ‘recycling’ concepts. 

Botanical Name for Sabai : Eulaliopsis Binata 

Local Name : Babui Ghash

Various products made from Sabai are : 

Baskets , Trays , Bags, Totes , Food trays , Mats and Coasters, Boxes and Containers , Folders , Planters , Umbrella Holders, Magazine Bags and more  . Products can be customized as per the requirements.

We have also introduced organic shopping bags to replace plastic bags used in markets and stores . These bags will allow the recycling concept amongst many places. These bags come at a cost of as low as $1.00 /bag

photocollage (2)


#EcoFriendly  #AgainstAnimalCruelty

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