Bengal Madurkathi  was the major attraction at OIMO Festival- a handicrafts fair in Kyrgyzstan , that highlights handmade and natural products from Central Asian countries.

Each and every piece of Art is sold to help the cause of reviving India’s Art + Craft heritage – gift Handcrafted Products! You can gift your corporate clients , friends and family with Bengal’s exquisite handcrafted products for contemporary living.

Pamper your close and loved ones by gifting these unique pieces of Arts and Crafts , that is made by beautiful artisans , solely dedicated to create masterpieces of their own..

Our products are ideal for gifts , beach wears , mementos , yoga and meditation , eco-friendly lifestyle.

Daroonjinish will work with you to choose, customize  and brand the products/gifts from ‘Chobee Gallery “, with the requisite logos, art and craft stories, etc.followed by timely delivery of the  acked items and ready to be gifted!

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