Collections of Kalighat Paintings in Museums

Victoria & Albert Museum, London holds single largest collection of Kalighat paintings in the world. The collection, which numbers about 645 watercolour drawings and paintings, also includes line drawings and hand coloured lithographs. The Bodleian Library in Oxford holds 110 Kalighat paintings. The India Office Library collection, now part of the British Library, contains 17 paintings. The National Museum of Wales in Cardiff has 25 Kalighat pats while the Naprstek Museum of Prague holds a collection of 26 works. The Pushkin Museum of Graphic Arts, Moscow also has collection of 62 pats.5 The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia holds 57 Kalighat paintings9. There are other museums in different parts of the world which also hold some of the Kalighat Paintings in their collection.

In Bengal, Victoria Memorial Hall has a collection of 24 Kalighat paintings5, the Indian Museum has in its collection 40 paintings and four drawings of Kalighat style4 while the Gurusaday Museum holds more than 70 drawings and paintings.7 Apart from that, the Birla Academy of Art and Culture, the Ashutosh Museum, and the Kala Bhavan at Santiniketan also hold important collections of Kalighat Paintings.

Reference :

PDF Version  : 02_Kalighat_Paintings


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