A craft form of Medinipur, Madhukathi is basically grass weed used for making mats. Mat or madur wearing is an age old cottage industry of Bengal. Madur is a common item in any Bengali household and is used for sitting, sleeping and also religions rituals. Expanding the scope of creativity in order to suit the present market, the artists today make various diversified products, which include table runners and mats, curtains, hats, purse, sun-guards etc. Fair & festivals are the main market of the products while some life style boutiques also purchase premium products from these artists.

Bhagabanpur of Purba Medinipur is known for its age old tradition of making mats with the natural fiber available locally. Handlooms are used for making the mats of various designs. There are 500 madur weavers in the area (most of weavers are women working in small units) and about 170 madur weavers are attached to this rural craft hub initiative.

img_0138.jpgReference : http://www.wbkvib.org.in

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