Dishes & Toxins

A question I get asked most on social media when people see photos I’ve posted of meals is, “Where did you get those dishes?” I always chuckle, because I LOVE my dishes so I love talking about them.

A few years ago, I read a book called Slow Death by a Rubber Duck. The authors mentioned that some dishes can contain lead in the paint and glaze. Although I never tested my Pottery Barn dishes using something like this I did notice that a good amount of glaze had chipped off of the dishes especially at the bottom of the bowls. I am betting there wasn’t lead in those chips, but I am also betting that it’s not good to eat either. Someone, mostly myself or my family, had eaten those tiny chips as they came off. One small chip of glaze probably won’t have much affect on my health, but that’s the thing. We ignore all these small toxins entering our body, and we don’t realize how quickly and massively the total amount of toxins entering are body has become. This is when I began researching other options.

Choosing Wood

After researching different options, I settled on wood. I loved the way it looked, and I knew I could find a safe option of wood dishes. Not all wood dishes are safe. Actually, most are not. Most wood dishes on the market are stained with chemicals and then sealed with chemicals. I wanted to find unstained and unsealed wood dishes. This is what I found.

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Why I Switched to Wood Dishes

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