The rate at which little ones grow can mean, buying them clothes and accessories, feels like an endless task. With the washing machine on a constant cycle, it can be tempting to nip out and buy replacements instead. But kids’ clothing is seeing a shift towards sustainability. It’s the new buzz word in fashion, and with good reason: the industry is the second most polluting in the world.

Sustainability can take many forms but here we consider it as reducing the environmental impact of production processes, cutting out harmful chemicals used to make clothes,bags and other accessories; and ensuring ethical guidelines are in place when it comes to safe working practices in factories, a fair wage and so on.

For mums and dads, sustainability means quality too. It means buying long-lasting, robust clothes and accessories for kids, with the potential to be handed down to future siblings. With longevity in mind, brands often incorporate features that allow garments to grow with your little one (for a few months at least), the likes of  roll-up hems and adjustable shoulder straps.

Daroonjinish curated this concept of weaving hand bags for kids, in a very eco- friendly and organic fashion. These bags are curated and woven by what I call ” stay at home grandmothers” . This concept not only allows and promotes, a very loving -give and take between the weavers and the buyers , but also confirms the intricate weave and art work by these beautiful grand moms , ensuring quality and impeccable handwork.

*** Handbag in the picture is curated and hand woven by ‘Nani’ – Smt Husaina Lakrawala . #handweavers#handcrafted#Ecofriendly#handbagsforkids

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