Painful Journey of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur from Rural side of the country..

Rakkammaal, has no children yet her life was very challenging. This 55 year old woman silently wept because it was difficult for her to even have a meal properly. The only source of income for the family was fishing which her husband did with his small net. It was not really sufficient to run a family with the small catch because there were other people in the same business with a strong hand. She lived in a thatched hut and the house just had a small mud pot and few aluminum vessels. Problems lost its control when her husband got married to another woman. She was the only woman and had to take care of herself.

Rakkammaal was all depressed and lost faith in herself. With the help of her peers she decided to forget about the past and start a new life altogether.  She became a member of an organization which funded her with enough money to start her own fish stall. Out of the profits she not only paid the loans but also saved money for future capital requirements. She lives a happy life today with a decent business and as an entrepreneur she says “I was totally depressed and shocked when my husband married again. I thought I have nothing left in this world” She also thanks the financial forum by saying “I will do my best to pursue its real objectives, -one poor woman should help another poor woman.”


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