Farm Banana Leaves
Slowly but surely, the growing anxiety about the use of plastic packaging is increasingly widespread. Not only in the community, but also began to touch policy spaces. Some local governments have begun to issue Regional Regulations (Perda) regarding the use of natural packaging. Of course this is a breath of “fresh air” for environmentalists and practitioners. Basic questions begin to emerge, like this: “If all are advised to use natural packaging, what about fulfilling the ingredients?”
We are interested in opening old records.

If in 3000 meters the land is planted with 1500 bananas, in one year we will start harvesting at least 210 leaves a day. In one fold of banana leaves consisting of 1.5 leaves, farmers will produce around 140 folds per day. The price of banana leaves at the farm level is 1000-1200 rupiah per fold, so that in one month you can produce 4-5 million rupiah. That’s just from farming the leaves. Not interrupted plants like turmeric, corn and so on. Not to mention if calculated derivative products from the banana itself such as gedebong, are harmonious to the heart of the banana. Banana stone itself does not count because not many consume it.
In these days, with the demand for banana leaves that will increase in the next few years, becoming a banana leaf farmer is an interesting opportunity.

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