Freedom Does not come for Free!- Poonam Sh
Photos by : Poonam Sh

Crafts never came from the posh Masters or Graduates of this world.

Crafts have been a medium of expression for many who were never been heard or never had the chance to be loved or known.

There is darkness in many of their homes and no food other than some rice. Young girls are passing their days caring for their younger siblings. After they are married, they are bound to migrate with their new families. Where do they stand in this competitive world when their struggles for survival leave no space to even dream? The rays of hopes and dreams are yet to enter their lives.

Daroonjinish works for, and with such beautiful hearts , whose creations match the expected norms of this competitive market , by way of promoting eco-friendly , against animal cruelty and sustainable products .

These products include range of home decor and lifestyle basketry and bags.

Every creation deserves admiration and a beautiful chance !