I see Nature and wonder the abundance of wealth it has I wonder why we compete, when there is uniqueness in each Life has been a journey sacred to each one Loving can be so easy, but our ‘Self’ adds a lot to not making it.

Every glimpse of smiles give me hope and healing Leaves, Flowers, Soil, Crafty hands and earthy beings In this world where money makes its mark, it is the heart that still takes a win! Times are always changing, resurfacing many truths Pandemics are the way to show us, that we are still one mind and many bodies.

Every tears have brought in revolutions, leading to lasting realisations Embracing fears, as they rise and fall Life is always offering new ways to conquer.

Ode to Nature,

Ode to mankind,

Ode to all living beings One planet One family…Written by Poonam Sh