“Some say you are Magical.
Some say you are
Graphical – Constant highs and lows
Some say you are Beautiful
and Some say you are Unpredictable..”

Life and its songs.
Perceptions and its dances.
People and their expectations.
Suffering and its scars
Success and its power
Time and tales …always been changing and will be.

While life takes a walk, tears and smile swap their turns.
Pain and pleasure, always the coolest pair.
Happiness is as simple as love, but life does not let it rest at peace.

Such is also the life of an artisan.

Coming from the painful streets of poverty and humility, their art leads them to a path, that feeds the soul.
Every piece of art and craft speak of their love, strength, sacrifice and commitment. The time spent in weaving/ creating an art , takes
away the time that could go towards their children and other family members.

As much as their life cries out for income and support , their soul takes a stronger stand in producing that art / craft.

To support an artist, is to support a generation of such beautiful souls.

Written by Poonam Sh. Images used from Pinterest