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Bengali is a very sweet Indian language.

Some Bengali items are already famous across the world, such as :

Rosogolla ( Sweets )

Saree ( Dress)

Maacherr Jholl ( Fish Curry)

Loochi ( Soft hand rolled puffy breads , deep fried)

Durga Puja

Mishti Doi ( Sweet Curd)

Sandesh ( Sweets)

Baou ( Bride) Borr ( Groom )

Beautiful Smart Bengali lines for our lovely Readers across the Globe

Kemon Acho?How are you ?
Dugga DuggaMay Lord Protect you
Ayeejay ShonoPlease Listen to me
Kheeday PecheI am hungry
Jol KhaboI want some water
Kothaye JaabeyWhere do you want to go ?
Khoob Shiggiree Dekha HobeHope to see you soon
Amee JaninaI don’t know
Khoob BhaloVery Good
Ami Khub bhalo achiI am very well
Koto taka lagbeHow much money do you need
Themey JaoPlease stop
Amee Baadee JaaboI want to go home
Ayeeta CoronaPlease don’t do this
Amee Tomake BhalobashiI Love You
Tumi Bhalo Theko KintooPlease stay well and look after yourself
BhodromohilaRespectful Lady
Gaadha KotakarYou silly goose
Jhotesto Enough
PodashonaEducation/ Studies
Tomake Bapok LagcheYou Look Amazing
DaroonjinishBeautiful Things

As our very own Kailash tries to speak English in Bengali (lol) – “This is NO, This is GO”.
He means to say that “This is wrong, that is right” .

“Jodi Torr Daak Shuney Keu Na Aashe Tobe Ekla Cholo Re..- Rabindranath Tagore”

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