Jaipur Blue Pottery and Basketry Story

Story of Artisans, History, Traditions, Crafts and Art Pieces. The Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Centre is the 9th Generation working towards the preservation and spreading aware of the art of making Blue Pottery( which is a dying art in today’s era). To ordinary eyes these may seem like mere pieces of plates, bowls and vases. But after a beautiful introduction of this art by the co-owner of Jaipur Blue Art Centre, Mr Durgesh, I was mesmerized to understand how unique each art pieces were, and, that it carried a history of techniques and art work, from other countries such as Iran, Egypt and Turkey.

Jaipur Blue Pottery and Basketry
Jaipur Blue Pottery Basketry

Basketry from the very West Bengal, is woven by artisans, that have been working on this craft since generations. After exchanging the craftwork from Daroonjinish, Mr Durgesh mentioned ” Art is for everyone. When I met the founder of Daroonjinish Ms Poonam Sheth, and saw the basketry collection ( made from natural fibres and natural colours ) it showed how immaculately each piece was hand crafted. Thank you Ms Poonam for promoting this beautiful craft”

Wooden Platter with the Blue Pottery
Wooden Platter and Blue Pottery by Daroonjinish

Mr Durgesh, (9th generation to this Clan & Co-owner of Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Centre) spends most of his time in creating Blue Pottery Art pieces and conducting workshops from time to time. His passion is to save and preserve this dying art.

Jaipur Blue Pottery Workshops
Mr Durgesh making pottery

” From the Artisan, By the Artisan, For the Artisan”