Greater public awareness is the result of these unpredictable years 2020 & 2021. The awareness revolved around sustainability, more than an ever-involved consumer understanding of the effect we are having on this planet.

Photography: Poonam Sh, Location: Victoria, Australia

Some of the key consumer sustainability patterns have been :

  • Health and wellness have been the priority amongst most of the consumers. Covid has thrown upon this rise in awareness towards holistic way of living/lifestyle. Brands promoting personal care, health products, eco friendly way of living, and the likes have reignited their sales by creating refreshed interest amongst the already existing consumers. These have been promoted and communicated via extensive marketing campaigns and social media participation.
  • A strong move towards “Zero Waste” way of living and working conditions: With China and many other countries banning the imports of all waste products, this has become a rising concern, and research towards effective utilisation of resources and recycling methods. This in itself has given a surge to the demand of eco friendly and biodegradable products. Revision of packaging methods amongst various industries, has been the key focus. More focus is now given on reducing wastes across all industries. Now is the good time for lifestyle, home & decor product industries, as more and more people are looking for holistic way of life and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Activism is at its all time high. Due to Covid 19, people have come out of their shell and fear, and are voicing their concerns and rights. Corporates have faced penalties and, have undergone cutting, due to scandals and not keeping up to the promises, towards employees ( present and past).
  • Sharing is Caring : Pandemic has given rise to working from home, and utilisation of the work space within the home set up wisely, promoting an air of cooperation, hygienic methods of living, surge in use of indoor plants, air purifiers, creation of coworking spaces, using homes as offices and the likes. This has given a boom to home and decor industries, whereby consumers are looking for minimalistic ways of living, products that are sustainable and environment friendly, biodegradable kitchenwares and the likes.
  • Local is the “New King” : Going local is the new “King”. Pandemic has taught us new and better ways of business. There was a huge loss incurred by independent retailers, where as the Market giants remained functional and hence made their big bucks. This in turn has led to growing frustation within the independent retailers, and given a pathway to growth of independent enterpreneurs, promoting “Shop Local”.
  • Go Green, Against Animal Cruelty, Plastic Free, Biodegradable : Consumers these days are well aware and reserached about what they are looking for in terms of sustainibility and environment friendly way of living. Accreditions for all of these are requirements for products to be purchased. Consumers are looking for accreditions when they are purchasing products from the market. This has created hindrance for industries in terms of time and cost involved for getting accreditions.
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