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Nayanika Chatterjee for Daroonjinish Bags

Behind every successful woman, there is a fabulous bag that carries her world. Indian Supermodel Ms.Nayanika Chatterjee(@nayanikac1 ), face behind changing fashion trends, a personality that has changed many lives, over the years, with her midas touch of grooming and definitely love for everything Handmade, was spotted carrying Daroonjinish’ all time classic Sabai Purse Basketbag.From formal #business meets…

Consumer Sustainability Trends 2021

Greater public awareness is the result of these unpredictable years 2020 & 2021. The awareness revolved around sustainability, more than an ever-involved consumer understanding of the effect we are having on this planet. Some of the key consumer sustainability patterns have been : Health and wellness have been the priority amongst most of the consumers.…

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