Home Decor – Cushions & Hand Towels

We support artisans and weavers from India, by showcasing their
crafts and traditional weaving

We at Daroonjinish, focus on bringing out the beautiful creations by these rural weavers and artisans of India. There has been a steady rise in demand for traditional weaving and embroidery. Introducing decorative weaving by Bun Kar Bihar,  where an extra count of yarn is inserted into a woven fabric to create motifs and designs.


All the cushions are hand spun and woven under traditional methods.

Available size : 16′ x 16′. We can customise the size based on order size. – 1) 1 metre fabric makes 2 cushions in size 16”x16”.A weaver prefers 100 metres of fabric order as his MOQ which would effectively make 200 cushions.Suggest we take kora warp with weft colour change to get more colours within this MOQ of 100 metres/200 cushions. 2) Cushions are in size 16”, other sizes can be explored depending on demand. 3) Cotton cushions  are woven with cotton yarn hand spun on Gandhi charkha 4)Cotton cushions are woven with the high- end traditional craft of extra weft in which extra yarn through spools is drawn by hand and inserted into the weft on the loom to create beautiful motifs. 5)Silk cushions are made of handloom silk and embellished with Appliqué and Sujni embroidery which are the traditional embroideries of Bihar.

Please email us for your orders at daroonjinish@gmail.com.

Cushion Images Courtsey: Bun Kar Bihar.


Bath towels are made of Hand spun yarn and are Azzo -free.

Images Courtsey: Bun Kar Bihar.

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