“Gifting” is very old and popular tradition to express gratitude and acknowledge the same.

Gifts are the perfect medium for expressing your emotional desire to the beloved person. There are some feelings that can be best expressed by them. It is difficult to believe, but the perfect gift idea is the one which would emerge from your heart. Your thought, caring and effort are judged by the particular idea, which you have chosen.

We, in India, want to buy gifts for  special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversary  Baby Shower, Diwali, Durga Puja, Bhai Dooj, Rakshabandhan,  Swatantra Divas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mother’s Day , Christmas , New Years’ and more.

Buying handicrafts as gifts for your loved one , is not only unique for the receptor of the gift , but it also contributes towards uplifting  of lives of those beautiful rural women , who have dedicated their lives to continue the tradition of handmade arts and crafts , which is a heritage art to the state.

Corporate gift giving is essential because it motivates the staff, which ensures that maximum productivity and profitability is realised. Furthermore, office gifts help to strengthen business relations with employees and clients. They serve as a token of acknowledging hard work, loyalty and dedication.

Very popular categories are :

  • Corporate Gifts
  • Gifts by Occasions
  • Return Gifts
  • Complementary Gifts

Handmade Baskets , Hand painted Pattachitra Tea Pots , Hand woven Bags and much more are wonderful bases , that can be used for designing gifts based on occasions . These products will remind us of : Buy from Local, Help Local , Help Build a stronger nation !

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